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SST, The School of Science and Technology, Singapore. She houses all the young people who will be moulded into fine works of art to succeed in their lives to contribute to society.

Calendar of Events

There's more to come for 2011 (:

9th-12th November 2010 - Trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Trip to Hanoi, Vietnam & Trip to Cambodia

8th-15th September 2010 - 2nd Trip to Beijing, China

30 of our SSTians have embarked on their journey to Beijing, China at 8.30am in the morning (: We would miss them >.<

More updates coming soon...

6th & 7th September 2010 - Science Frontiers Experience and Speak with Impact Workshop @ Ngee Ann Poly

During the first to days of our September Holidays, we had to go to Ngee Ann Poly for a workshop done by the professors there. It was a privilege for us to be there as we get to learn and do things that other schools would not have for our age. 

The Microbiology Workshop allowed us to see the organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye and for physics, we had to design a structure to allow a ping pong ball to roll down as slowly as possible. The Speak with Impact workshop taught us how to pitch and express ourselves.

31st August 2010  - Teachers' Day Celebration!

Each class had to put up a show for the Teacher's Day Celebration! But before that, there was a qualification round to see if what each class has put up was good enough to be presented to the teachers (: 

The celebration ended with a song dedicated to the teachers (:

27th August 2010 - Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Competition

Group photo of Participants

Silver Award:
1) Ang Wei Di, Victor (S1-09)

Bronze Award:
1) Ma Wen An, Joshua (S1-01)
2) Lai Wen Xuan, Jeremy (S1-04)
3) Teo Yong Ren Johanan (S1-09)

Honourable Mention:
1) Cheng Zhi Chao (S1-01)
2) Wee Ren Chang (S1-08)
3) Dapito Michelle Anne Therese D (S1-09)

21st August 2010 - Amazing Science X-Challenge 2010

From left: Davina, Rayner, Min Suk

4 teams have participated in this year Amazing Science X-Challenge 2010 which requires them to create a stand-alone, self-explanatory exhibit that demonstrates a particular scientific concept unique to the physical sciences. One of our teams has emerged as the winners for the Special Mention Prizes of $150 and a medal.

Winners of Special Mention Prizes:
Rayner Tan Xue Wen (S1-09), Davina Ling Li Xin(S1-09), Choi Min Suk (S1-09)

Lucas Chia Man Hon (S1-03), Heo Yub (S1-06), Daniel Tan Yi Liang (S1-06)
Tadikamalla Vivek (S1-05), Nah Hui Kang Christopher (S1-02), K.J. Shakti (S1-02)
Chee Celine (S1-08), Christian James Lim Wei Rong (S1-08), Soe Yan Naung (S1-08)

12th August 2010 - Singapore Heritagefest 2010
Speaking Story-writing Competition:
Congratulations to Arthur Lee and Millie Thng from S1-04 for achieving Merit Awards for the Singapore HeritageFest 2010, "Artefactually Speaking" Storywriting Competition!
Project U & I Exhibition:
The dolls
The NE Committee is pleased to share with you a showcase of the Panama dolls. This is part of the Racial Harmony commemoration, as well as the Singapore HeritageFest 2010.
The students involved in the sewing of the dolls are Dapito Michelle Anne Therese D, Davina Ling Li Xin, Naveena Menon, Stacey Yip Yi Zhen, from S1-09. Credits to Ms Alice Lim for guiding the girls.

8th August 2010 - HP City of Dreams "Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag" Competition

Congratulations to Millie Thng from S1-04! Her entry is one of the 2 selected for the video category of the competition. These videos and animations were created during their ICT lessons. Her winning entry can be viewed here:

3rd - 4th June 2010 - Singapore VEX Robotics Championship 2010
Group photo of the participants
Our Robotics Club participated in the Singapore VEX Robotics Championship 2010 (3 - 4 June 2010). The club has obtained Silver for 2 out of 3 categories of the competition, for "Team Alliance" and "Best Programming Skills". The team was also awarded the "Judges Award" trophy for Best Newcomer.

23rd - 29th May 2010 - Trip to Beijing, China & Trip to Shunde, China

30 selected students went to Beijing and another 30 went to Shunde. After returning back to Singapore, these students had to present to their fellow school mates about what they did there and what they have learnt.

19th May 2010 - Drama Performance at Jurong Regional Library

The drama club crew

SST's Drama Club put up a performance on 19 May 2010 in Jurong Regional Library at VergingAllTeens (Level 4). The students had a book talk cum poetry recitation session. 
The Drama Club have also been invited to perform at Bukit Merah Public Library for their Customer's Appreciation Day.

3rd March 2010 - SST's 1st Birthday

This is one VERY special day for SST! It is its FIRST birthday!!! In 2008, this very day was when there was an approved proposal to start a school of Science and Technology (:

12th February 2010  - Chinese New Year Celebration!
There was a display of Lion Dancing to welcome the new year!

In the beginning of January 2010 - Orientation Camp

A fun-filled camp of adventure where the pioneers all got to know one another almost immediately... This year's theme was 'Building Bridges Beyond Boundaries'.

A new theme is implemented in the orientation camps every year!