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SST, The School of Science and Technology, Singapore. She houses all the young people who will be moulded into fine works of art to succeed in their lives to contribute to society.

Friday, September 10, 2010

SST Corporate Video

SST Corporate Video

Click the link above to watch the video! Credits to SSTSingapore.

Here's a video about SST, approaching the parents! Parents, consider sending your child to SST now! (:

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This blog is made to promote SST to the public and tell them about what SST is all about and what things we offer. Parents and students who are interested can learn more about the school here and for more information about the admission process, it could be found at this website:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Join us now and bring a better future!

Join us now at ! Your journey to success awaits! School of Science and Technology, Singapore is just a click away! Have you clicked it yet? Go on! Click it...

Monday, September 6, 2010


Hey Parents, students, etc.

Look! It's a webpage (: This webpage is for the parents and students of SST, those who are already IN SST and those who want to join SST. Hmm, this blog will keep you updated about the happenings in our school.

Firstly, what is SST? It is School of Science and Technology, Singapore! Over here, we learn in a whole new way! We study using a MacBook although we still have books, but very, very few! We barely use them too! 90% of the time we are in school, we use the MacBook. So, here in SST, we also use Applied Learning to study. We do more of hand-on activities and use different websites, softwares, etc. to help us in our learning.

Sounds interesting huh?

More updates few days later.

Spread the word about SST to your family, friends, classmates, neighbours, acquaintances, etc! This school.. is just for YOU. Hurry up and join the SST family!

Signing off,
Michelle Dapito
Student of SST